Launch of the new Ocean King 130

Monday, April 24th in Chioggia has occurred the launch of the new Ocean King 130, the explorer yacht Genesia.

Carolin IV is Finalist of Superyacht Awards 2017

It makes us proud to know that Explorer Yacht Carolin IV is finalist of Superyacht Awards 2017.

Ocean King Hybrid Solution Is On Superyacht International Magazine

After the great success of our yachts at boot Düsseldorf 2017 we are delighted to know that we are in the … Read More

Motorboat Tapaito Models Are Ready to Sail Through the Ocean

In Alto Adriatico Shipyard the motorboat Tapaito models are ready to sail through the ocean. This boat, entirely designed by … Read More

inNave’s Professionality and Creativity on Lagunamare Magazine

Read ad download the interview with our latest works and new GreenNave projects.

Professional Explorer Yacht Goes Green

Professional Explorer Yacht Goes Green: Ocean King Hybrid Solution brings clean engines into pleasure tugs at Boot Düsseldorf 2017.

Download inNave Brochure PDF

Fill the fields below and download now our 2016 brochure. Discover what inNave can do for you.

New Mooring Boat in Fiberglass for Venice Port

Our team has designed the new mooring boat in fiberglass for Venice Port; the boat it’s in advanced state of … Read More

Zarzis A710 Diving Vessel Finalized and Delivered

Zarzis A710 Diving Vessel finalized and delivered last August to Tunisian government. inNave took care the 3D project and the … Read More

Presentation of Explorer Yacht Carolin IV

It’s a pleasure to post here the video of the presentation of Explorer Yacht Carolin IV, our recent project. The … Read More

OK100, delivered!

The Explorer Yacht OK100 was delivered to ship owner, she cruises through Mediterranean sea.

EB100 inauguration party

The EB100 inauguration party took place in Tese spaces at Arsenale of Venice today. We are very proud of this … Read More

TAPAITO, 1°step

At Alto Adriatico Shipyard, the plug for hull mould is being assemblied. Tapaito, 1°step has been accomplished – we are … Read More

EB100 delivered

The Explorer Yacht EB100 was delivered to the ship owner! Now it’s mooring in Venice marina waiting to be inaugurated … Read More


On 08 June 2016, OK100 Yacht Explorer was launching by the dry dock designed by inNave, too.


On 15 May 2016, EB100 Explorer Yacht was launching!


Venice hybrid motorboat is under construction at BeV Net Shipyard. It will sail through Venice city center canals in long-term … Read More


The 70 passenger motorboat Tapaito is in the conceptual design phase. It will be a fiberglass ship for deep-sea navigation. … Read More


Ocean Queen 130 yacht is a Supply Vessel complete refitting work, it is under construction at Chioggia srl Shipyard, Chioggia (Ve … Read More


The diving supply vessel is under construction at Vittoria Shipyard, Adria (Ro – Italy). inNave is responsable for construction project.

OK100’s shipyard

Explorer yacht OK100′s shipyard is under construction at Chioggia Shipyard, Chioggia (Ve – Italy). Steel hull and aluminium superstructure, designed … Read More

EB100’s shipyard

Explorer Yacht EB100‘s shipyard is under construction at MMGI srl Shiptyard, Monfalcone (Go – Italy). Steel hull and aluminium superstructure, … Read More

MTR HC_hybrid system

Innave had the job of design the brand new full-electric motorboat from Veritas spa: MTR HC_hybrid system. Its task is to … Read More

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