a pleasure tug

Explorer Yacht is a brand new yacht series, it is thinked and entirely designed by inNave using a commercial vessel's concept as a starting point.

The innovative design process and style assures great attention in details and high quality finishing as a luxury yacht, but also a great reliability and strenght as a commercial ship.

The whole interior design is developed by inNave in collaboration with an architects team, who supervises the project from general arrangement to construction drawings.

The hull design comes from a deep-sea tug, all project decisions point to a extremely manoeuvring safe yacht, as well to confort and to interior and exterior quality.


Explorer Yacht exterior design is developed by inNave together with an international team of designers.
The result is a true cruise ship with a supply vessel look.
All Explorer Yachts are developed to satisfy the most demanding of owners, who want to stand out in the world of luxury yachting with a craft designed to face any sea conditions in total comfort and safety.
This yacht series is a real no limit one, no destination is ever too far, no weather conditions will stop your navigation, sailing for up to 10.000 sea miles. A compactly designed and perfectly organized exterior volume makes possible to have wide interior spaces which usually are findable just in longer yachts, three partially covered decks and a panoramic solarium with jacuzzi.


The interior design is developed "custom": owners will be free to decide how to fit out spaces and rooms, choosing from an endless range of fittings, layouts and finishes and they will be supported by a dedicated staff of architects, furniture makers and interior designers working together an engineers team.
The outcome will be unbelievable wide interior spaces so confortable that thinking about your Explorer Yacht as your home, your home even hundreds of sea miles from coast!