We are a team made up of engineers, designers and marine technicians brought together by our passion for the sea and the ships.

Our experiences through the most diverse sectors of naval industries helped us to create a group capable of dealing with a vast fields of nautical tasks, from the first concepts and ideas, through the interior and exterior design, to the finished product management.

Andrea Bortolato and Giuseppe Fanello, the charter members, funneled their experience towards inNave, the group counts in excess of ten collaborators and it is based in VEGA - Science and Technology Park of Venice.

"Les projets sont les promesses que l'imagination fait au coeur; il ne refuse jamais ces dangereux présents."- Jean-Louis Vaudoyer, La bien-aimée, 1909

The heartquarter operates in the heart of Venice’s shipping industry, at Porto Marghera, that would provide a common roof for the highly regarded professionals involved and that would have an adequate, networking-friendly base at the Science and Technology Park - Vega of Venice’s Porto Marghera. State of art informatics and communication equipment are provided, including nationwide exclusive tutoring and operating rights for sections of the ShipConstructor CAD program.
Over the last few years, inNave becames a partner of the Ocean King yacht project and a major contributor to the creation of a tough yet luxurious line of motor yachts along the characteristics of tugs and expedition vessels.

At inNave, we feel confident enough to be your 360° consultant at every step of your nautical product. Having worked on nearly anything floating, from restoring traditional wooden boats, designing award winning sailing yachts, converting barges, designing dock gates, dredges, passenger ships, military and supply vessels, to the above mentioned high-end motor Yacht, we think that we might help you to realize your ideas and contribute to the success of your project.

In the near future, having consolidated our core occupation in the Italian naval design, we strongly wish to further develop our actions working together with highly skilled international professionals and research institutions.

Whatever creativity is, it is in part a solution to a problem.- Brian Aldiss, Bury My Heart at W.H. Smith’s, 1990

Our ten-year experience guarantees a successful result. inNave combines his knowledge and new technologies to achieve a highly reliable product which meets owner's demands with reasonable price.

To offer a 360° quality service, inNave sets itself up as ship owner's consultant to all type of certification documents.